Confused on deciding SIP amount ???

Confused about how to calculate your SIP amount you need to invest to achieve your financial goal???

Usually investors get confused after reaching one point as to how to Calculate & Decide for SIP Amount so they can achieve their financial goal in a specific desired time frame. It essential very essential now a days to plan for any goal which carries a larger cost which needs to be paid in lump sum mode i.e. plan for retirement corpus, plan for an international tour with family, plan for child’s higher overseas education, plan for skills development in advance for a child’s future & much more.

To decide the SIP amount an investor need to have a realistic value in his mind or once can plan for excel for multiple goals.

We are sharing you some of important number to help you decide and achieve the future plan or goal. We have compared returns and tenure according to that you can compare your current investment products and according to that you can start equity SIPs with mutual funds and start investing as early as possible.

There are many SIP calculations also available in market with multiple option. Some of the SIP strategies are Smart SIP, Simple SIP, Target SIP, Growing SIP.

Simple SIP = Fixed Amount every month for the entire pre-defined tenure.

Smart SIP = Fixed Amount every month + additional higher amount when market look cheap.

Growing SIP = As your age grows, your earning grows and so should your SIP amount grow.

Target SIP = Plan a target in your mind and accordingly start investing now till the pre-defined tenure systematically. (chart attached)

Plan & Start Happy SIPing..

Whats stopping you now ???