IDFC NEO – A Unique Artificial Intelligence Based PMS

IDFC NEO Equity Portfolio is a unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) based PMS comprising 15 – 25  Large and Large Midcap stocks within BSE 200.

AI / Machine Learning is used across various stages of the investment process including Research & Stock Selection, Portfolio Construction & Optimization and Risk Management / Sell Discipline

Unique differentiators

          Scientific, unbiased AI driven model based on learning history of 16 years has the ability to forecasts Returns, Volatility and Correlation of stocks

          Risk-first approach built into portfolio construction process aiming first at wealth preservation and then at wealth creation

          Can be significantly underweight / overweight sectors based on the AI interpretation of future risk v/s reward across the stock universe




















*Mutual Fund investments are subje ct to market risk. Please read all document carefully before investing.