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Child Future PlanningEducation / Academic Planning

Every parent wishes to deliver the best for their children. However, with increasing cost in area of education, it is becoming difficult day by day for parent to keep up with the financial situation of raising and education their children. Thus more and more parent are realizing the need of the hour i.e. to Future Planning with Financial Planning to provide the best possible education to their children.

To plan for your child’s education, you must first decide how much you will require in future according to aim of your child i.e. higher studies, abroad studies, professional studies in a well known institute etc. and then save and invest according to the planned goal. Once you decide the amount which will be required in future and your current financial situation towards investment, you can plan a well diversified portfolio which offers the right asset mix so you do not miss out the required goal at the time of requirement of the invested money.

Planning for child’s education of higher education of marriage or business and more are very long term goals. To achieve their goal equity as an asset class provides the best option to generate higher growth potential with tax efficient returns. Mutual Funds are one of the simple and easy ways to plan for your child’s future, where equity scheme invests in stock market in a very systematic manner and over a longer period of time you can invest through SIPs. Mutual funds are ideal for savings too where you can have full liquidity of your investment where if you require partial money then you can have it very easily without going under complex procedures.

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