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Retirement Planning

No Financial Planning is complete without Retirement Planning.

Retirement stage in one’s life is the most important, but though knowing that most of us do not plan prudently to ensure happy and wealthy financial retirement life.

Retirment Planning is a long term goal which requires careful and expertise planning.

There is a thumb rule known as 30-30 Rule. Which says an investor earns for 30 years to plan for 30 years of post-retirement life where an individual’s income would have decreased or stopped but still the lifestyle needs to be maintained similarly. For the same one need sound Retirement Planning.

Mutual Funds offer an ideal option for investment for retirement planning as they are low in cost and offer tax-free (in case of equity schemes) returns and those schemes are very transparent and have immense liquidity in case of any unplanned situation where one can withdraw the funds (as per scheme).

Why should one consider mutual fund for Retirement Planning?

    1. Mutual funds are more flexible investment products as compared to other products.
    2. Mutual fund units are tax efficient as there is no long-term tax in India (in equity schemes).
    3. Mutual fund schemes are more transparent and the statement is user-friendly. Even a laymen who is a first-time investor can easily invest with KYC and can understand the Account Statement sent by the mutual fund company.
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