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SIP Planning

Keeping it short and simple, Systematic Investment Planning referred as SIP is a tool used or vehicle offered by mutual funds to invest in mutual funds. SIP is not the plan or scheme but SIP is a mode or a way to invest which allows an investor to decide the investible surplus in systematic and regular manner and then plan for SIP and the decided amount will be debited from investor’s account at a fixed amount, fixed date, fixed mutual fund scheme.

You can compare SIP with the Old concept of Recurring Deposits with a bank, where our elders use to deposit the fixed sum of money. The frequency of SIP is usually daily, weekly, or monthly. SIP is considered to encourage disciplined approach towards investment.

SIPs are flexible in nature and allow the investor to start and stop anytime or may choose to increase or decrease the SIP amount. SIP can be done with as minimum as Rs. 500/- per month thus is accepted majorly by the retail investor who does not have the resources to pursue the active investment.

SIP investment is a good option for those investor who do not posses enough knowledge of financial markets and the benefits of SIP is it reduces the average cost of units purchased.

Benefits of Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

  1. SIP can be done with as low as Rs 500/- per month
  2. SIP can help you manage market volatility. It helps in achieving goals by helping investors TIME IN THE MARKET IS MORE IMPORTANT THEN TIMING THE MARKET.
  3. SIP help cut down the purchase price of a unit i.e. NAV
  4. Power of Compounding in SIP works best for over longer duration of investments.
  5. All of us have some Goals in life i.e. like buying a Car or a House, Retirement Fund and Child Marriage Funds etc. SIP will be like an easy pay which over the period of years can generate great growth and returns to achieve your desired goal.

How to choose from best mutual funds?

  1. According to their past performance
  2. Peer fund comparison
  3. Tenure of investment – decide your investment time to start the right amount of SIP
  4. Past Returns
  5. Scheme Risk

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